Does Your Business Need an Intervention?

19 Aug

Does Your Business Need an Intervention?


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I've been thinking a lot about change lately. Astonish’s mission is to change our clients’ lives by changing their businesses. This supposes something simple. Our customers need to change. The simple truth is; every business must change. Businesses that stagnate and don’t grow slowly die. The key is to clearly understand what needs to change. That’s the first step and often then hardest.

I know I’ve written about this before, but most people are resistant to change. They fear it. Some people get sucked into negative cycles and aren’t honest enough with themselves to realize what their problems are. Change suggests you’re moving from one state to another. A stark example of this is the T.V. show intervention. The main character in each episode has some addictive disorder. The hour program follows them around and culminates in the “intervention” where their friends and family try to get them to go to treatment – to change. What I find so compelling about the program is that the addict is so blind to their need to change. It literally takes a group of folks in a room pouring their hearts out and setting ultimatums to get the addict to agree to get help.

Now back to your business. Do you have a clear understanding of your businesses weaknesses? Is it your people, your processes, your tools, the market etc. Have you taken a hard look in the mirror? Have people been trying to tell you that you need to change and are you ignoring it hoping that one day it will magically get better? Do you even know what’s wrong? Are you confused?

I talk about teachability quite a bit at Astonish. I believe it’s one of, if not the most important ingredient in success. No one knows everything and often we can be blind to the truths around us. Teachability allows us to have the right mindset to accept new information which will eliminate blind spots.

The last scene in Intervention is when the interventionists ask, “Are you willing to accept the help we’re offering to you today?” I challenge you to have your eyes open to folks around you that may be asking the same thing.

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