Are You Practicing?

04 Jul

Are You Practicing?


I’m still reading Mark Sanborn’s book, “The Encore Effect”. In it, he lays out some great concepts on achieving incredible performances in our lives. I was struck by one of his simple concepts, practicing.


Sanborn made the point that athletes and musicians have a regular practice routine so why shouldn’t we? Here are five strategies for effective practice that can be applied to any environment.


•(1) Make time to practice – This is similar to Steven Covey’s time management matrix in “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. We need to set time aside for those tasks that may not seem urgent, but are very important. Practicing is one of those tasks.

•(2) Practice the fundaments – This is where I really found a lot of value in Sanborn’s comments. We need to define / summarize the critical actions which make up the components of a remarkable performance. What do I do daily that are critical and HOW do I practice these critical tasks. Is it evaluating my staff? Assessing problems and helping to provide solutions before a MAJOR problem occurs?

•(3) Set Goals – Once the critical tasks have been defined, set clear, measurable goals that will help you assess your improvement and motivate you to change for the better.


My first job is to clearly define my “critical tasks”. What are the things I’m practicing on a daily basis? I encourage you to do the same and strive for a remarkable performance in your life.